Past Programs

Get Up Get Down

Get Up Get Down (GUGD) focuses on creating art through activism and activism through public art.

Speak your mind through public art! We use a variety of art forms–from murals to metal sculpture to paper mache–to investigate issue that are relevant to you and your communities. Build leadership and learn about the intersections of creativity, community and social justice while creating fabulous works of art.

Check out the 4 murals GUGD members have created:

  • South wall of Food For Thought Books
  • West wall of the Amherst Cinema Center Building
  • Inside Amherst Regional High School next to the cafeteria
  • Red wall next to Rao’s Coffee

Check out the GUGD Street Art Project 2011 and read their 2012-13 blog



E’town Photograffiti

E’town Photograffiti is a workshop-based digital photography & social justice awareness project for Easthampton youth.








Thinking about and sharing our awareness of social problems such as the widening income inequality gap, gender and racial prejudices, violence and bullying, Photograffiti workshops focus on visioning personal and collective goals for raising awareness of social problems using digital photography as a conversation starter and approach to story telling. We display our photographs publicly, presenting our perspectives at the Youth Action Coalition’s annual “Lights, Camera, Youth Action” and year-end art exhibits. We also meet; make art, talk, and party with different Arts-for-Change program participants in the area to gain new experiences and share ideas about who we are, what we do, and what we have to say about the social injustices we experience.

“Graffiti” is often used as a means of expressing underlying social messages. There is a whole genre of artistic expression based upon spray painting walls that are visible to the public. In the spirit of graffiti “writers,” E’town Photograffiti is a social justice program designed to encourage expression through the art of digital photography, which literally means – “painting with light.”

Check out the E’town Photograffiti Gallery Page and the work youth presented on Easthampton Cable Access Television!