GirlsEyeView Ware

GirlsEyeView (GEV) Ware offers a supportive and creative space for young women to express themselves through photography and creative writing.

In Ware we create color and black & white photographs using digital cameras and Photoshop. We also write stories and poems, share our ideas about important issues, and laugh! Our program is open to girls in middle and high school as well as those who are not in school. We have access to a computer lab at Ware Junior/Senior High School.

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GEV Ware exhibits work several times a year in our school and downtown spaces.

2014-15 Schedule

GirlsEyeView Ware will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30 at Ware Junior/Senior High School in Room 278!

Please contact Crystal, AmeriCorps Programs Liaison, for more information:


YAC is pleased to partner with the Ware Junior/Senior High School and the Literacy Project-Ware, which provide invaluable facilities and collaboration for our program.