aWARE Arts Collective

aware tshirtaWARE Arts Collective (AWARE)  was a new program launched in Ware fall 2013. After seeing the impact that the program made on youth in Ware, aAWARE Arts Collective is now included as one of YAC’s four main afterschool programs.

AWARE is a youth arts and empowerment program that gives young people the opportunity to work in a variety of art mediums to gain new skills, explore the intersections of creativity and social justice, and build community engagement and pride.

The program will entail creating a series of individual and group projects that culminate with a collaborative community public art event. Project ideas include drawing, stenciling, screen printing, t-shirt design, book making, and both temporary and permanent public art works exhibited downtown.

Our program is open to youth in middle and high school as well as those who are not in school. You do not need to be enrolled at WJSHS to be part of AWARE.

aware mural

2014-15 Schedule

aWARE Arts Collective will meet on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2:30-4:30 at Ware Junior/Senior High School in Room 278!

Please contact Crystal, AmeriCorps Programs Liaison, for more information: