Lights, Camera, Youth Action! A wonderful Sunday afternoon..

On Sunday, March 23, over 200 people gathered in the UMass Student Union Ballroom to celebrate and support Youth Action Coalition.

1900653_10152154147454842_1353776453_oYAC youth led the way with meaningful presentations and artwork exhibited around the room. Through the silent auction, photo sales, and generous gifts from attendee’s, we raised funds to support the four Arts-for-Change programs. Thank you to all of the LCYA donor’s and everyone who contributed to the success of the event! You can view more photo’s on our Facebook page.


Here’s what folks said about LCYA and YAC:

“I was inspired by the presentations and the passion for this organization. I love what they do and only wish it was bigger! The youth of today need YAC!”

“Love, love, love this program. The event was awesome and truly enjoyed seeing what the youth have been doing.”

“Thank you for giving our daughter the opportunity to learn all that she has these past 6 years. Thank you, Stacey, for your kind and caring stewardship.”

“I’m impressed with the quality of leadership in both adult and youth, and the expressions of gratitude offered by the participants.”

“YAC has been a very important part of my daughters life for years now! My family is so thankful for all your help.”

“YAC truly embraces youth empowerment!”

“The young people who spoke were energized by their experiences and courageous. There is long term leadership and the need for social justice consciousness is pivotal to empowering young folks.”

“As a single mother on a very tight budget, I appreciate to the fullest what this program brings to my daughters life. Thank you for all you do.”

“Loved the fact that the youth voice was loud and up front.”

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