The strength of our Board is in its mission to keep an equal ratio of youth and adults. We each take an active role in decision-making and fundraising.

Board Meeting


Andrea Battle, Interim Co-Director
Retired High School Teacher

Vira Douangmany Cage, Interim Co-Director and Board Co-Chair
American Civil Liberties Union, Springfield Community Organizer

Ted JohnstonCo-Chair
Video Vanguards Member/Peer Leader
Student-Amherst Regional High School

Natalie Freida Robinson
GirlsEyeView Ware Member/Peer Leader
Student- Quabbin Regional High School

Demetria Shabazz
Assistant Professor-UMass Amherst
Parent of YAC participant

Jazmin Toutant
GirlsEyeView Ware Member/Peer Leader
Student-Ware Junior/Senior High School

Aolani Whitebear
GirlsEyeView Ware Member/Peer Leader
Student- Ware Junior/Senior High School

Emily Whitebear
Behavioral Therapist/Instructor
Parent of YAC participants

We are always looking for new insight and fresh faces! Please contact one of our co-Chairs if you would like more information.